Mactracker App, the original independent Mac guide.

Mactracker App's Mac specs app for iOS.

For those interested in the Mactracker app, it is in the Mac App Store for macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and later and the iOS App Store for iOS 12 and later.

You also may find useful. Launched in 1996 and updated on a regular basis, is the original independent Mac guide so often copied and imitated by others.

The website -- as well as the free, up-to-date EveryMac webapp for iOS 5 through iOS 15, Android, and Kindle Fire -- covers everything from the first Mac to the latest Apple Watch with detailed tech specs, global prices, FAQs, and more. As the original independent Mac guide, even covers vintage Mac clones.

Be sure to see's interactive side-by-side Apple product comparison and its tool to lookup Apple computers and devices by serial number and other identifiers, too.